House or Villa in Bali? Differences, Prices and Property Recommendations in Bali
Rumah atau Villa di Bali Perbedaan, Harga dan Rekomendasi Properti di Bali

House or Villa in Bali? Differences, Prices and Property Recommendations in Bali

Dreaming of owning a property in Ubud, Canggu, Seminyak, or Sanur?

Having the best dwelling in Bali is a common aspiration. Before making a decision to buy, it's essential to understand the differences in property types available, so you won't end up making the wrong choice. Distinguishing between shophouses, offices, and apartment buildings may not be difficult, but it's another story when it comes to villas and houses.

Physically, there aren't many differences between villa and house structures. Both villas and houses serve as places to live, gather, and carry out routines with family, friends, or partners.

In this article, Lets Move Group will delve deeper into the differences between villas and houses in Bali from various aspects, including architecture, location, and the functions of each property. Curious? Let's explore the explanations here!

Architecture and Design

Houses are generally designed to be simple and functional, focusing on the basic needs of the residents. Their facades are straightforward, with easily accessible entrances, terraces, and garages.

On the other hand, villas are designed for privacy, aesthetics, and luxury. Their facades are more intricate and appealing, with special entrances, rarely seen terraces, and hidden garages.

Design Style

Houses are typically designed to be simple, plain, durable, and long-lasting. Their designs are standard and often resemble each other. Villas, on the other hand, feature attractive, unique designs with specific identities.

Villas offer a different visual experience, both on the exterior and interior.

Space and Facilities

Both houses and villas have similar main spaces: bedrooms, bathrooms, common areas, and kitchens/pantries. Houses are arranged efficiently and compactly, with supporting spaces like laundry rooms, drying areas, garages, warehouses, and kitchens. Villas don't require full kitchens, only pantries for hand washing and light cooking. Garages are not mandatory, and laundry/drying areas are managed by villa staff.

Standard house facilities are in line with their size and class. Villas provide more facilities, depending on the vendor and rental price. High-end houses may have facilities equivalent to villas, such as swimming pools and spacious gardens, but they are designed for permanent residence. Villas are designed to be more extreme and luxurious, although their functionality may not be as effective as houses.

Interior and Furniture

House interiors are functional, easy to clean, and durable. Villa interiors are luxurious, with attention to detail and lighting arrangements. Villas often use live flower vases changed daily.

The main difference lies in interior arrangement and furniture. Houses arrange interiors based on function and have more furniture due to long-term residents. Villas don't require much furniture, but designers add decorative furniture for aesthetic value.

Property Location

Villas are generally located in strategic locations near tourist or recreational spots. This access is intended to provide a comfortable holiday experience for villa renters/owners who are vacationing. Typically, villas are located a few minutes away from beautiful beaches, rice fields, temples, or other tourist destinations.

Meanwhile, houses prioritize quiet locations with easy access to public facilities such as shopping centres, restaurants, hospitals, or sports facilities, considering that houses will be inhabited for a long time.


When buying a house, the main goal of prospective buyers is to occupy it as their personal residence.

Meanwhile, most buyers turn villas into investment assets to be rented out to tourists needing accommodation in Bali.

Latest Villa Recommendations in Bali: Prices, Facilities, and More

Sun Villa, Seminyak

Developed by Sinergi Group, Sun Villa offers extraordinary property investment opportunities in Seminyak, Bali. Strategically located, close to popular tourist spots and various supporting facilities, each villa is designed with classic tropical style and maintained to high standards.

Enjoy maximum comfort at Sun Villa! Each villa offers two bedrooms, an open living room, a full kitchen, a private swimming pool, WiFi, 24-hour security, and other luxurious facilities. Experience the calming tropical atmosphere with lush gardens.

Facilities: Swimming Pool, Wifi, Kitchen Equipment, Bathtub, Parking Area, Garden, 24-Hour Security

Unit Prices: Starting from Rp. 3,800,000,000

Learn more

The Royal Arkadia, Uluwatu

The Royal Arkadia Bali is a luxurious villa complex in Uluwatu that offers various villa options with mezzanine concepts. Villas at The Royal Arkadia Bali are designed with modern and minimalist styles, focusing on comfort and luxury.

Located in Uluwatu, the most visited area in Bali according to, The Royal Arkadia offers two attractive villa options: Breeze Type (2 Bedrooms) and Mezzanina Type (1 Bedroom).


Facilities: Parking Area, Jogging Track, Garage, Pet Friendly, Indoor Swimming Pool, Wifi, Kitchen Appliances, Bathtub, Balcony, 24-Hour Security

Unit Prices: Starting from Rp. 3,395,000,000 - Rp. 3,914,780,382

Learn more

Kyra Villa, Jimbaran

With a naturally themed swimming pool, Kyra Villa is suitable for couples or families seeking a relaxed atmosphere. This villa offers a land area of 105 square meters and a building area of 85 square meters, available with a 40-year lease.

Located in Jimbaran, Bali, KYRA Villa and Residence occupies a strategic position. You can easily visit the iconic GWK, the Balangan beach cliffs, or just relax on Uluwatu beach - all surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

Facilities: Parking Area, Jogging Track, Garage, Pet Friendly, Indoor Swimming Pool, Wifi, Kitchen Appliances, Bathtub, Balcony, 24-Hour Security

Harga Unit: Mulai dari Rp.

Learn more

Aquamarine, Canggu

This villa offers a strategic location, close to various attractive facilities. You can reach Fitness Plus and Enso Sushi in just one minute, or relax at Amo Spa in just two minutes. Favorite cafes like Revolver Coffee Shop and Doppio are also within a 10-minute walk.

The villa also has a charming rooftop. There, you will find a kitchen and a comfortable lounge area. The furniture used is specially designed to match the villa's style, creating an ideal living and working space.

Facilities: Parking Area, Jogging Track, Garage, Pet Friendly, Indoor Swimming Pool, Wifi, Kitchen Appliances, Bathtub, Balcony, 24-Hour Security

Unit Prices: Starting from Rp. 9,289,497,000 - Rp. 10,158,752,500

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Red Sunset, Berawa

Red Sunset Villa offers a practical and comfortable two-story residence with four bedrooms. Enjoy spectacular sunset views directly from the villa's rooftop. With classic interior design and complete kitchen equipment, it provides a warm atmosphere to enjoy your time alone or with loved ones.

Facilities: Parking Area, Jogging Track, Garage, Pet Friendly, Indoor Swimming Pool, Wifi, Kitchen Appliances, Bathtub, Balcony, 24-Hour Security

Unit Prices: Starting from Rp. 12,835,337,000 - Rp. 13,304,922,500

Learn more

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Choosing between a house and a villa depends on your needs and preferences. A house is ideal for permanent residence with functionality and durability. A villa is suitable for holidays and relaxation with luxury and aesthetics.

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