The Hudson by Paramount Land, A Golden Opportunity to Own a Shophouse in Gading Serpong Business Centre

The Hudson by Paramount Land, A Golden Opportunity to Own a Shophouse in Gading Serpong Business Centre

Paramount Land, a leading property developer in Indonesia, kicked off 2024 with the launch of The Hudson, an innovative commercial space in Gading Serpong. The Hudson, sebuah ruang komersial inovatif di Gading Serpong.

The Hudson offers a modern shopping arcade concept that is ideal for businesses. Located in the 22-hectare Manhattan District, the commercial centre is directly connected to other Paramount Land commercial spaces, such as Madison Grande, Hudson Studio Loft, Hampton Avenue, and Hampton Square.

Two Enticing Types and Best Facilities for Your Business Needs

The Hudson, a commercial development by Paramount Land, presents two captivating types – Arcade and Avenue – to cater to your business requirements.

Tipe Avenue. Sumber: Paramount Land     

Avenue offers an Alfresco Terrace and Alfresco Rooftop, perfect for cafes, restaurants, or other businesses that require outdoor seating. It is available in single and double facade options with varying unit lengths. A limited number of larger corner single facade units are also available.

Tipe Arcade. Sumber: Paramount Land

Strategically Located Commercial Space with High Accessibility

In addition to the excellent facilities, The Hudson is surrounded by a vibrant and bustling commercial and residential area, including Aniva Grande, Aniva Junction, Samara Village, and more. Each unit has direct access to the boulevard main road and is only a short distance from other Manhattan District projects.

Attractive Prices and Purchase Schemes

The Hudson is available in limited quantities with prices starting from Rp 2.69 billion for the Avenue type and Rp 3.99 billion for the Arcade type. Various purchase schemes are available, including super cash, instalment cash, KPR, and others. Each property comes with air conditioning on each floor, IP CCTV, and a 12-month free IPKL promo.

Tentang Gading Serpong, Kota Mandiri dengan Peluang Bisnis Menjanjikan

Gading Serpong City, South Tangerang, has developed into a regional-scale self-contained city and a popular destination with a population of over 120,000 people. The city continues to grow with complete infrastructure, public transportation, busy boulevards, and a high business occupancy rate.

The Central Business Districts (CBDs) spread across Gading Serpong make it an integrated centre for culinary, business, office, and entertainment. This drives the economy of Gading Serpong and its surroundings.

Tentang Paramount Land

Paramount Land a leading property developer in Indonesia, is renowned for its innovative and high-quality projects. With a focus on Paramount Land Gading Serpong, the company is dedicated to expanding and improving infrastructure, enhancing connectivity, implementing smart traffic lights, and expanding its captive market.

In 2023, Paramount Land successfully launched 17 residential and commercial properties, with approximately 90% of the commercial products in Gading Serpong being well-absorbed. This demonstrates the public's trust in the quality of Paramount Land's products.

Own a Property at The Hudson Gading Serpong with Lets Move Group

Owning a property in a strategic location with high business potential is a dream for many people. The Hudson is the answer to this dream, offering shophouses in an elite area of Jakarta that is connected to various important access points.

The Hudson, a masterpiece from Paramount Land, presents shophouses with modern and functional designs, ideal for various types of businesses. Strategically located in Jakarta, The Hudson promises high business potential with easy access to various important areas of the city.

Lets Move Group, as a trusted property agent, is ready to help you realize your dream of owning a unit at The Hudson. We provide complete information about The Hudson, from price, location, to design, and assist you in the purchase process.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to own a prestigious property at The Hudson. Contact Lets Move Group now!

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