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Introduction of Lets Move Group's Mortgage Take Over Service

If you already have a mortgage (Kredit Pemilikan Rumah) to buy a house, you may want to consider moving your existing mortgage to another lender. If you plan to change lenders, this process is called a "mortgage takeover". Why would you want to take over a mortgage for your home? There are several reasons why someone might want to take over a mortgage, including:

  • Replace your current lender with another one that offers lower interest rates.
  • Moving your mortgage to a fixed rate ensures stability.
  • Paying off large amounts of debt.
  • Freeing up capital from property values.

Simply put, a mortgage takeover means that you keep the same home, but change the bank that has provided the funding for the property. At Lets Move Group, our mortgage takeover service is completely free and our customers can often save debt every month and move their mortgage to a more stable plan.

Benefits of Choosing Lets Move Group for Mortgage Loan Take Over Service in Indonesia

Lets Move Group has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to the Indonesian property market and have an in-depth understanding of the regulations and processes of buying and selling houses and properties in Indonesia. This knowledge ensures that clients receive reliable and accurate advice throughout the mortgage takeover process.

In addition, Lets Move Group has developed relationships with Indonesia's leading banks and financial institutions, enabling them to negotiate favourable terms and interest rates on behalf of their clients.

Clients can save time and effort by working with Lets Move Group, as we take care of all the paperwork, communicate with lenders, and provide personalised assistance from start to finish. Our dedication to excellent customer service and attention to detail ensures a smooth and trouble-free mortgage takeover experience, giving our clients time to relax and focus on other aspects of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

The mortgage takeover process will take 7-30 working days as you have to go through an assessment process which will take 2-3 working days before the bank can process your mortgage application.

We recommend that you look for another lender two months before the fixed rate period ends as it will take time to take over the mortgage and prepare the paperwork. Please note that this is optimal timing; if you need it as soon as possible, feel free to speak to our financial advisors who will be happy to answer your questions.

Yes, you can change the payment terms and tenure of your mortgage loan when you take over your mortgage. However, sometimes you cannot do it at the same time because each bank has its own policy regarding the mortgage takeover process.

Yes, these fees are similar to new mortgage instalments and there may be a penalty fee payable to the previous lender.

We do not charge customers to help take over mortgages. We get referral fees from banks for customer referrals. Therefore, we are dedicated to ensuring you get the right home and property loan product smoothly and quickly.

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Primary Property

Interest Rate

Floating Rate

Primary Mortage

Rate information

Interest rate is 4.7% fixed for the first 3 years, after that, the rate will move to a floating rate (currently 11%)


  • Permanent employee/self-employed for at least 1 year in the same company/total 2 years of work
  • Professional/Businessman working for at least 2 years in the same field
  • At least 18 years old or married

General Personal Requirements

  • Photocopy of husband’s / wife’s ID card (if married)
  • Photocopy of Family Card
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Photocopy of Tax ID Number of Applicant
  • Salary Slip / Certificate of Income for the last 1 month original
  • Photocopy of 3 months bank statements
  • Developer’s House Booking Letter / Broker’s Cover Letter