Arcade with 2 Balcony (4,5 x 20) – The Hudson at Gading Serpong

IDR 5.997.300.000


The Lets Move Group is delighted to represent one of the best Commercial Space in The Hudson and Arcade with 2 Balcony is no exception!


About Arcade With 2 Balcony

The commercial space under spotlight today is the “Arcade with 2 Balcony“,  spanning 4.5×20 square meters across three floors and boasting three toilets. Covering a land area of 90m² and a building area of 207m², this Arcade kicks off at Rp 5.997.300.000. Situated within The Hudson commercial project, it follows Paramount Land’s success in marketing the Hudson Studio Loft in 2023.

Following the triumph of the Hudson Studio Loft’s marketing in 2023, Paramount Land introduces another commercial area within the Manhattan District, labeled as The Hudson. Nestled in the strategic locale of Gading Serpong, adjacent to the bustling Aniva Junction commercial area, The Hudson presents itself as a one-stop destination, offering a multifaceted experience with diverse businesses encompassing F&B, hobbies, sports, fashion, and entertainment.

The Hudson, a brainchild of Paramount Enterprise, emerges under the wing of PT Paramount Enterprise International (Paramount Enterprise), a prominent private property and lifestyle company in Indonesia. Paramount Land, the property arm of Paramount Enterprise, specializes in township development, integrated mixed-use projects, real estate, and warehousing. Notably, Gading Serpong township stands as Paramount Land’s flagship township development, situated just beyond Jakarta’s bustling borders, enveloped by lush greenery and abundant natural lakes. Boasting strategic connectivity to the Jakarta-Merak toll road, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, and neighboring urban centers like Serang and Cilegon, Gading Serpong has evolved into a modern, self-sufficient city housing over 53,000 residents and growing steadily at 5% annually. With meticulously planned infrastructure, essential facilities, and vibrant public spaces, Gading Serpong epitomizes a contemporary urban haven tailored for the holistic development and enjoyment of its inhabitants and visitors alike.



  • Land Area : 90 m2 (4,5 x 20 m)
  • Building Size : 207 m2


  • Pondasi : Tiang pancang (mini pile)
  • Struktur kolom, balok, dak, sloof, ring balok, tangga :  Beton bertulang
  • Rangka atap :  Rangka baja ringan (zincalum)
  • Penutup atap :  Atap metal (zincalum) + alumunium foil
  • Lantai utama :  Homogenous tile 60×60
  • Lantai teras/balkon/rooftop :  Homogenous tile 60×60 anti slip
  • Lantai KM/WC :  Keramik 30×30
  • Dinding KM/WC : Keramik 30×60
  • Dinding Dalam :  Bata ringan diplester + aci
  • Dinding luar :  Bata ringan diplester finish cat weather resistant acrylic emulsion paint
  • Plafond dalam : Gypsumboard
  • Plafond luar & toilet : Gypsum water resistant
  • Sanitary : ex.Toto
  • Pintu/Jendela utama : Kaca clear frame aluminium fin powder coating
  • Pintu/Jendela lainnya : Kaca clear frame aluminium fin powder coating
  • Pintu KM/WC :  Panel dan kusen UPVC
  • Ralling balkon : Besi hollow + besi plat
  • Ralling tangga : Besi hollow + besi plat + handrail kayu
  • Canopy balkon depan : kolom dan balok beton bertulang + frame hollow + kaca laminate 5+5
  • Canopy balkon belakang : kolom dan balok beton bertulang + atap metal + plafond gypsumboard
  • Canopy rooftop (hudson avenue) : kolom dan balok beton bertulang + atap metal + plafond UPVC
  • Canopy arcade : kolom beton, balok, rangka atap baja WF + atap UPVC
  • Canopy drop off : kolom beton, balok rangka atap baja WF + atap metal + plafond UPVC
  • Lantai arcade : Homogenous tile 60×60 anti slip


  • Listrik : Suplai PLN daya 5500 VA
  • Telepon : Instalasi fiber optic
  • Air bersih : Suplai Perumdam + Toren 1.000L
  • Air kotor : Septictank biofil 2.000L


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