7 Ideal Housing Project Recommendations in Tangerang

7 Ideal Housing Project Recommendations in Tangerang

Tangerang, the third largest city in the Jabodetabek metropolitan area after Jakarta and Bekasi, offers a unique charm as a prime choice for those seeking property with easy access to Jakarta's city center.

The presence of self-contained cities initiated by renowned developers has also driven rapid development in Tangerang, not only improving the quality of life for its residents but also stimulating the economic growth in the area.

The property market in Tangerang is bustling with a diverse range of housing options, from landed houses to apartments, to suit the needs and budgets of every individual.

In this article, Lets Move Group will delve into the benefits of buying property in Tangerang and its surrounding areas, and present the best recommendations for housing in Tangerang that are most ideal for your diverse residential needs. Let's explore!

Benefits of Owning a Home in Tangerang:

1. Strategic Location:

  • Easy Access to Jakarta: Tangerang is well-connected to Jakarta via various modes of transportation, such as toll roads, the Jabodetabek Commuter Line (KRL), and Transjakarta buses. This facilitates mobility for workers and business people who commute to the capital city.
  • International Airport: The proximity to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport adds value to Tangerang, opening up easy access to various domestic and international destinations.
  • Expanding Toll Network: The development of toll road infrastructure in Tangerang is continuously improving, including the Serpong-Balaraja Toll Road and the Jakarta-Tangerang Outer Ring Road (JORR 2), which further facilitate access to various areas in Jabodetabek.

2. Complete and Modern Infrastructure:

  • Shopping Centers: A wide variety of modern shopping centers are available in Tangerang, ranging from high-end malls to traditional markets, catering to the lifestyle needs of modern society.
  • Renowned Hospitals: Healthcare facilities in Tangerang are equally comprehensive, with the presence of renowned and trusted hospitals providing the best healthcare services.
  • Quality Schools: Parents need not worry about their children's education, as Tangerang boasts a multitude of quality schools from kindergarten to high school level, both public and private.
  • Entertainment and Recreation Facilities: Diverse entertainment and recreation options are available in Tangerang, such as theme parks, waterparks, and cinemas, to fill leisure time with family.

3. Affordable Property Prices:

  • Compared to Jakarta: Housing prices in Tangerang are still relatively affordable, allowing you to own a more spacious and comfortable home with the same budget.
  • Diverse Choices: A variety of housing options are available in Tangerang, ranging from landed houses to apartments and elite residential areas, so you can find a home that suits your needs and budget.

4. High Investment Potential:

  • Rapid Economic Growth: Tangerang is experiencing rapid economic growth, driven by industrial and infrastructure development, making it a promising investment area.
  • Increasing Property Value: With rapid development, the property value in Tangerang is predicted to continue rising in the future, providing benefits for investors.

5. Comfortable and Safe Environment:

  • Green Environment: Many housing estates in Tangerang offer a green and lush environment, providing a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere to live in.
  • Guaranteed Security: Housing estates in Tangerang are generally equipped with a 24-hour security system, CCTV, and regular patrols, ensuring residents feel safe and secure.

Enchante BSD City by Sinar Mas Land

Enchante Residence BSD, a new luxury residential development in the heart of BSD City, Tangerang, has officially launched. This prestigious enclave caters to the growing demand for premium living in a strategic location.

Enchante Residence by Sinar Mas Land. Sumber: bsd-city.com/

Enchante Residence boasts three-story homes with a minimum width of 10 meters, some even reaching 18 meters. Imagine the sheer expanse of these residences, offering you and your family an abundance of space and comfort.

The amenities at Enchante Residence BSD are equally impressive. Residents can indulge in a luxurious resort-style clubhouse, enjoy the prime location in central BSD City, and benefit from advanced smart home features integrated into every residence.

The premium resort-themed environment with lush greenery envelops the entire community, pampering you and your family every day. With private lifts, five bedrooms, three carports, and two garages, Enchante Residence BSD presents an elegant, luxurious, and functional living experience.

Key Features of Enchante Residence BSD:

  • Luxurious homes in the heart of BSD City
  • Three-story houses with a minimum width of 10 meters
  • Lavish resort-style clubhouse
  • Premium location in central BSD City
  • Smart home features integrated into every residence
  • Premium resort-themed community with lush greenery
  • Private lifts in every home
  • Five bedrooms in every home
  • Three carports and two garages per home
  • Elegant and luxurious design

Tanakayu by Sinar Mas Land

Tanakayu, meaning "The Origin" from the renowned developer Sinar Mas Land, presents a modern FULLY FURNISHED residential development with a "modern & healthy lifestyle" concept in BSD City. Inspired by "tropical modern resorts", Tanakayu offers a perfect blend of modern technology and natural harmony, creating unparalleled living comfort.

Unit Jiva by Tanakayu, BSD. Sumber: tanakayu.id/

Tanakayu Housing Facilities:

  • Modern FULLY FURNISHED houses, ready to move in without any hassle.
  • Modern and healthy design, supporting an active and quality lifestyle.
  • Complete facilities, pampering you and your family.
  • Green and peaceful environment, presenting tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle.

Tanakayu is strategically located near Korean Town, a new promising commercial area. The housing complex is also adjacent to Genesis Global School, an international standard school.
Perumahan ini juga bersebelahan dengan Genesis Global School, sekolah bertaraf internasional.

Other Best Access:

  • Only 1 minute to Branchsto BSD, a culinary and lifestyle center.
  • 3 minutes to BPK Penabur School, Dairyland Theme Park, and QBIG, entertainment and educational options for families.
  • 5 minutes to a 35-hectare amusement park with Cimory Dairyland and Jatim Park, a fun recreational spot.
  • 5 minutes to the toll gate, easy access to various areas.
  • 7 minutes to the Train Station, a practical transportation option.
  • Close to ICE BSD and Intermoda BSD, renowned business and activity centers.

Terravia BSD

Sinar Mas Land proudly presents Terravia BSD, a modern residential haven nestled amidst the beauty of nature, thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and tranquillity for you and your family.

Starting from Rp 2 billion, Adora at Terravia BSD offers contemporary tropical modern homes equipped with a comprehensive range of cluster facilities:

  • Approximately 2 hectares of interconnected green spaces, creating a refreshing and verdant atmosphere within the residential enclave.
  • Vertical gardens at the rear of each house provide direct access to sunlight and fresh air.
  • Spacious master bedrooms with ensuites and balconies offer enhanced privacy and comfort.
  • Generously sized and interconnected living and dining areas are ideal for fostering family bonding and entertaining guests.
  • Smart home technologies such as smart door locks and air purifiers elevate security and living standards within the home.
  • Solar panels promote a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • An integrated waste management system supports sustainable living practices.

Terravia BSD enjoys a strategic location, offering easy access to various key areas:

  • Residential neighbourhoods such as Myza, Tanakayu, Vanya Park, The Mozia, and The Zora BSD.
  • Entertainment destinations like Cimory Land and Jatim Park theme parks.
  • Educational institutions including Universitas Atmajaya BSD and Prasetiya Mulya.
  • Shopping and lifestyle hubs such as The Breeze, AEON Mall, and ICE BSD.
  • Cisauk Station and the modern BSD market.

Hiera BSD

Hiera BSD, a sprawling 108-hectare residential enclave developed by Mitbana and Sinarmas Land, presents an idyllic vision of green living seamlessly intertwined with urban convenience.

Hiera BSD, Tangerang. Sumber: hierabsd.id/

Nestled within the vibrant BSD City in Serpong, Hiera BSD boasts unparalleled connectivity to a myriad of amenities, including:

  • Shopping Destinations: QBIG, AEON Mall
  • Commercial Hubs: The Breeze BSD, Foresta Business Loft, Icon Business Park, Pasar Modern BSD
  • Office Towers: OCBC NISP Tower, GOP & Unilever, Digital Hub
  • Educational Institutions: Unika Atma Jaya, Prasetiya Mulya University, Sinarmas Academy
  • Healthcare Facilities: Eka Hospital, RS Medika BSD
  • Tempat hiburan: ICE BSD
  • Entertainment Venues: ICE BSD

Beyond its strategic location, Hiera BSD captivates with its exceptional offerings:

  • Flourishing Greenery: Lush green pathways meander throughout the development, fostering a healthy lifestyle for residents.
  • Serene Lakefront: A picturesque lake at the heart of Hiera's CBD exudes tranquillity and natural beauty.
  • Convenient Connectivity: The Hiera Shopping Mall seamlessly integrates with the Jatake Station, ensuring effortless mobility for residents.

Hiera BSD merupakan pilihan tepat bagi Anda yang mencari hunian asri, nyaman, dan strategis di pusat kota mandiri.

Layton BSD

Layton Park BSD. Sumber: sinarmasland.com

Cluster Layton Navapark is the newest crown jewel in the prestigious Township Navapark BSD City. Following the footsteps of its successful predecessors, Lyndon and Laurel, Layton presents an ideal solution for the elite who yearn for an unparalleled lifestyle.

Exclusively designed for the upper echelons of society, Cluster Layton places a premium on quality and comfort. Spread across 8 hectares of prime land, the cluster boasts a mere 105 houses with two types to choose from: Type 12 (Land Area 300/Building Area 454) and Type 15 (Land Area 390/Building Area 543). The generous proportions of each home make it an ideal dwelling for successful individuals.

The modern and luxurious concept of the cluster is further enhanced by its foolproof security system. Residents can enjoy peace of mind with the implementation of a One Gate System and 24-hour security. Access to and from the cluster is strictly monitored, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all residents.

The design of the houses in Cluster Layton Navapark exudes opulence and sophistication. The captivating facades and elegant interiors are a testament to the high social standing of the residents. Every corner of the house is meticulously designed to provide maximum comfort and luxury.

Cluster Layton Navapark goes beyond mere housing by offering a resort-style living experience. The lush and well-maintained surroundings provide a sense of tranquility and serenity for the residents. Its strategic location, just an hour away from Jakarta, allows residents to enjoy easy access to various city facilities and infrastructure.

Key Features of Cluster Layton Navapark:

  • Luxurious and exclusive living for the elite
  • Modern and classy design with top-notch quality
  • Resort-like ambience with lush and serene surroundings
  • Unmatched security with state-of-the-art security systems
  • Strategic location, close to various amenities

Latinos Business District

Latinos Business District BSD presents modern SOHO (small office home office) units with the concept of "Green Boutique SOHO, Green Boutique District". Located on Jl. Raya Rawa Buntu, BSD City, Tangerang, Latinos Business District offers the ideal solution for your business and residential needs.

Latinos Business District, bangunan Soho di tengah kota Tangerang. Sumber: sinarmas.com

Modern Design that Supports Your Wellness

Latinos BSD SOHO is designed with the "new normal" in mind. The modern facade architecture with large and high glass windows gives a premium impression and supports a healthy building concept. This design allows for:

  • Cross ventilation for smooth air circulation inside the room.
  • Ample sunlight entering through the windows.
  • Balcony (Type 91) and backyard that can be used as an additional room or green open space.
  • Strategic Location and Complete Facilities

Latinos Business District BSD has a strategic location on the main road, making it a new destination for residents around. The area is surrounded by various housing and educational institutions, so it has a large market share.

Complete legality with SOHO HGB status makes Latinos Business District BSD a high-value investment with the potential for capital gain, passive income, and active income. Imagine the potential rental income of Latinos BSD SOHO in the future!

Benefits of Investing in Latinos Business District BSD:

  • Modern and health-supporting design
  • Strategic location and easy access
  • Complete facilities
  • Complete legality
  • High investment potential

Malibu Village Gading Serpong

Malibu Village by Paramount Land. Sumber: paramountlandserpong.com

Malibu Village, presented by Paramount Land, offers a green living environment with a beautiful design and a 600-square-meter green spine. This residential complex is located on an 11-hectare area and offers compact houses with a modern tropical feel.

Advantages of Malibu Village Gading Serpong

  • Situated in the southern part of Gading Serpong
  • Supported by excellent infrastructure and public facilities such as AEON Mall, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, and hospitals.
  • Easy access in and out with 2 main gates.

Complete Facilities:

  • Basketball and futsal courts
  • Jogging track
  • Swimming pool
  • Children's play area
  • Fishing pond
  • Double gate system
  • 24-hour security
  • CCTV

Matera Residence

Matera Residence. Sumber: paramount-land.com

Following the success of Pasadena Residence and Pasadena Grand Residence, Paramount Land is proud to present Matera Residence, a new luxury development in Gading Serpong. Matera Residence offers modern tropical luxury with a captivating classic design.

Captivating Modern Tropical Design

Matera Residence features two-story homes with an elegant and timeless modern tropical design. The classic look gives a touch of classy modern European. Equipped with a smart home system, spacious rooms, and a green garden, Matera Residence is the ideal choice for families who want comfort and luxury.

Strategic Location on the Lakefront

Cluster Matera Residence is located on the border of Gading Serpong and BSD City, right on the edge of a beautiful lake. This strategic location provides easy access to various facilities and important areas, such as:

  • 1 minute to Maggiore Square
  • 3 minutes to OBIG BSD
  • 7 minutes to AEON Mall BSD
  • 7 minutes to AEON BSD Toll Road
  • 5 minutes to ICE BSD

Matera Residence's Best Facilities

Cluster Matera Residence is equipped with various cluster facilities and the best home features to add to your comfort while in the cluster environment, such as:

  • Luxury Clubhouse
  • 24 Hours Security
  • Infinity Swimming Pool
  • Spacious Master Bedroom

In addition, Cluster Matera Residence is also close to various public facilities around the housing complex that can be used by cluster residents to support their daily lives, such as:

  • Nearest shopping centers: QBIG BSD City, Summarecon Mall Serpong, AEON BSD, The Breeze BSD City.
  • Nearest hospitals: RS Bethsaida, Mitra Keluarga Gading Serpong, RS Mentari, RS Murni Asih.
  • Nearest educational institutions: Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Universitas Esa Unggul, Universitas Pradita, Matana University, Sekolah Al-Azhar.
  • Nearest tourist attractions: Scientia Square Park, Branchsto BSD, Sakura Park AEON Mall, Ocean Park BSD, The Lampion Maze Market.

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Owning a house in Tangerang, a dynamic city full of opportunities, is now easier with the KPR installment program from Lets Move GroupWe are committed to helping you achieve your dream of owning a dream home in Tangerang with the right and affordable financing solution. Contact Lets Move Group now and own the best property in Tangerang!

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